The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Review

This is a hyaluronic acid serum from The Ordinary, meaning that it is super affordable (Β£5.90) whilst still being a quality, science-based formulation.

the ordinary hyaluronic acid b5 serum review

This serum aims to provide multi-level hydration to the skin by using low, medium and high molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and therefore, when used correctly in skincare, can be an excellent hydrator. The addition of B5 aids in more effective surface hydration.

I really enjoy using this serum and have bought it multiple times as it is such a great price point. Within my skincare routine I typically use it after my toning/ liquid exfoliating step and before moisturiser.

I notice an immediate feeling of hydration as well as a long term positive effect on my skin’s hydration. The serum is quite a liquid consistency and is quite sticky on the skin but sinks in quickly. It has a slightly tightening feeling on the skin just after application but this is not uncomfortable and it subsides.

I have used another Deciem hyaluronic acid serum, the Hylamide Low Molecular HA, which I do prefer as I think it provides even more hydration and isn’t as sticky feeling. However, at Β£18 it is three times as expensive as this one from the Ordinary.

I think all skin types could benefit from trying a hyaluronic acid serum and this one is an effective and affordable option that is definitely worth a try, especially if you are on a budget or don’t like to spend a fortune on skincare.

Love Nicole xxxx

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Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Today I wanted to share some amazing and affordable hair-care finds! I first found these products on the shelves of Sainsbury’s and thought at Β£4 each they were worth a try. I already loved the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and had tried and liked a hand cream from them in this coconut oil formula.

palmer's coconut oil formula conditioning shampoo repairing conditioner review

I’m not one to generally get too excited by hair-care as I’m not experimental with my hair at all, but this stuff (particularly the conditioner) I was quite wowed by!

The conditioner is a beautiful, thick and creamy formula which feels so rich and nourishing. It smells very nice but is not overly coconutty which means it’s fine if you don’t really like the smell of coconut. I never used to like the smell but since trying out coconut products because of hearing how good they were for your hair and skin I seem to have gotten over that and I quite like it now! I’ve even become more partial to food with coconut in, I digress. In brief, the conditioner is amazing, lovely to use and does a wonderful job conditioning my hair. I have already repurchased it and will do so again and again.

The shampoo comes in a fantastic 400ml size bottle meaning it is going to last me a very long time – don’t you find too that you get through about five bottles of conditioner for every one of shampoo? I know I do. Like the conditioner, it’s a thick and creamy formula and won’t dry out your hair. It’s also sulfate free, along with being free of lots of other undesirable ingredients. It does what you need a shampoo to do and lathers up nicely. I have trouble with an itchy scalp and it didn’t really help with that so I’m not sure I would buy it again because I’d like to use something that can help alleviate that, however, if you don’t have itchy scalp troubles then it’s a lovely shampoo!

Overall, I am so impressed by Palmer’s hair-care offerings and will definitely try other things from them.

Love Nicole xxxx

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

I threw out this concealer ages ago now so this review is not going to be the most detailed as it’s been a looooong time since I used it. However, I love trying concealers and this is a popular one in the beauty community so I wanted to say I’d tried it out and share my thoughts on it.

urban decay naked skin concealer fair neutral

Firstly, I bought the shade Fair Neutral which was waaaaay too light. I intended to get Light Neutral but for some reason I ordered this one… Having the wrong shade probably did affect my opinion but I still think you can judge the formula even in the wrong shade.

I really liked the applicator on this as it was gentle and distributed the product well. However, that’s about the only praise I have. My main purpose for concealer is under the eyes where I like to brighten and cover some of the darkness. I found this concealer made my under eyes look dry and crepey, which of course is very unflattering and aging. I acknowledge that this was probably heightened by the shade being too pale but I do wonder whether it would have looked that different in my correct shade… It looked awful. Additionally, the coverage didn’t seem that fantastic even when attempting to build it up. The formula is quite liquid and not that creamy which I think may have contributed to it looking so dry under my eyes.

I can’t say for sure how much using a shade too pale affected my experience with this concealer. However, I’d be hesitant to try this again even in a better suited shade considering how awful and crepey it made my under eyes look.

Love Nicole xxxx

B. Pure Micellar Water

I love micellar waters as they are perfect for when you’re feeling lazy and want to get the majority of your makeup off without having to go to the sink. This is me most days. This particular micellar water is by the brand B. and is available at Superdrug.

b micellar cleansing water superdrug

It comes in a fantastic size 400ml bottle and is inexpensive with a full price of Β£4.49. It can often be found on offer too.

I love this micellar water and it’s my favourite one I’ve tried so far (I only buy cruelty free so ones from, for example, Garnier and Nivea are a no for me). It feels so lovely and refreshing and is not dehydrating at all. Sometimes I might come home and want to just get my makeup off asap but not do a proper cleanse until later on. This is perfect for that as I put it on some cotton pads and remove the majority of my makeup. Afterwards, it doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry so I can wait until later to do my full cleanse and moisturise etc. I will say I haven’t tried this at removing eye makeup so I don’t know how it performs with that.

Sometimes I’ll also use it in the mornings too, as a quick cleanse if I don’t want to use water at the sink. I must reiterate that you should still do a ‘proper’ cleanse after using this to remove makeup. By ‘proper’, I mean at the sink with warm water, a facial cleanser and a cloth. This ensures your skin is getting a really good clean rather than just removing the makeup. Micellar waters are amazing but they’re not to be used in isolation (unless used as a cleanse in the morning when you’re makeup free anyway).

Love Nicole xxx

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

I was intrigued and excited by Rihanna releasing a makeup range and when I knew she was bringing out a foundation I couldn’t wait to try it – I love trying out foundations! Not long after launch, I ordered the foundation and one of the highlighter duos from Harvey Nichols.

fenty beauty pro filt'r soft matte longwear foundation 120 reviewfenty beauty pro filt'r soft matte longwear foundation 120 review (2)

I ordered the shade 120, which is described as for fair skin with neutral undertones. I usually err on the side of caution when ordering foundation online and go pretty pale just in case it’s darker than I imagined. This one turned out to be a good shade match actually; it is pale but once I’ve completed all my makeup it looks fine! The shade range of this foundation is phenomenal, with 40 shades on launch.

Packaging-wise, the bottle is pretty with frosted glass and white lid and pump. The pump itself is very good and gives you control over how much product you want.

I was so excited by this launch that I was going to buy this foundation regardless, but in hindsight maybe I should have paid more attention to the details and waited for some reviews. As it says in the name, this foundation is matte. However, I was still shocked by exactly how matte the finish was. I don’t usually go for matte foundation and this is the mattest one I’ve used so far!

To apply, I used a wet beauty sponge and would typically do about three layers to achieve a medium-high coverage that I was happy with. For me, I definitely needed to build it up as one layer didn’t cover enough and looked a bit blotchy.

The first few times I used it I also used setting powder on top, just as a course of habit really as that’s what I always do with other foundation. This did not turn out well and therefore my first impressions of this foundation were not good. It looked dry and cakey and it wore horribly on my T-Zone, combining with my natural oils to make a gross cake-fest that broke apart and was impossible to rectify.

In an attempt to make this foundation work better for me, I eliminated using setting powder. Being a truly matte foundation it does really set down and I found I was able to use my powder products on top, like bronzer and blush, and they would blend just fine and not go patchy. This was new to me as like I said, I always use setting powder on top of my other foundations, to lengthen wear-time, but also for fear of my bronzer etc not blending properly on top of foundation without it. No setting powder is definitely the way to go with this foundation.

It fared far better minus the setting powder and lasted well on a cold winter day – about 8-10 hours actually – but I’m not convinced it would do this well on a hotter day. Despite a good wear-time, I still did not like the way it looked. It still looked a bit cakey around my nose and between my brows and forehead. It wore slightly on the tip of my nose. It’s not a pretty sight under glasses’ nose pads. Overall, I felt my skin looked lifeless. It accentuated any dryness on my face and looked flakey and therefore aging. I found it looked better as the day went on and the powdery matteness died down but not enough to detract from it accentuating any dryness or flakiness.

This foundation is sadly not my cup of tea. I will use up the bottle because I can’t bear to waste it, but I would not repurchase this. I feel like this is probably an oily skin person’s foundation as it did my ‘normal’ skin no favours!

Love Nicole xxxx