No7 Nourishing Cleansing Balm Review

I love cleansing balms! Unfortunately, they can be pricey. This one from No7 costs £13 which, while not exactly being cheap, is pretty good for a cleansing balm. Also, Boots often have 3 for 2 offers or money off vouchers on No7. Anyway, is this product actually any good?

no7 nourishing cleansing balm reviewno7 nourishing cleansing balm review (4)

In short: yes. This is a wonderfully smooth and nourishing cleansing balm. The second ingredient listed is coconut oil which doesn’t shock me as it looks off-white like it and melts beautifully into an oil you can massage all over your face. It removes base makeup incredibly! When I use this I feel confident it has gotten all my makeup off my skin. It doesn’t remove eye makeup quite so well so I definitely say remove this separately, however, it is safe to rub over your eyes. I’ve not had any discomfort from doing this.

It is fragranced quite strongly but it’s a fresh, non-offensive scent. As well as coconut oil, this cleansing balm also contains some cocoa butter and grapeseed oil. It is a nourishing cleanser and not drying at all. I find it easy to remove using a damp cloth (one comes in the box with it) and it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

At £13 for a 125ml tub I think this cleansing balm offers good value for money compared to many other cleansing balms. You don’t need to use a huge amount each time so this tub should last a good amount of time; I’m still getting through my tub but I will try to remember to update this post once I’m finish with it and say roughly how long it lasted.

I am a big fan of this cleansing balm and would definitely recommend it.

Love Nicole xxxx


DUPE: Amazing and Affordable Beauty Blender Pure Solid Cleanser Dupe from Boots

boots gentle soap bars review affordable cheap clean beauty blender makeup sponges brushes

Earlier this year I received free samples of Beauty Blender’s liquid and solid cleansers when I purchased some Beauty Blenders. I was SO impressed with the solid cleanser (not so much the liquid one). It cleaned my Beauty Blenders amazingly; I’d never managed to get them so spotless before. They looked almost like new!

Unfortunately, when I looked at buying the solid cleanser I found it was a whopping £15. £15 for what is essentially a bar of soap?! I just couldn’t justify it and was so sure there must be a cheaper alternative. I popped down to my local shops in hope of finding something similar. I made a mental note of the ingredients in the BB solid cleanser so I could look out for them within other soaps.

I found a packet of soap bars in Boots that had some common ingredients with the Beauty Blender solid cleanser, most notably Sodium Palmate and Sodium Palm Kernelate. FYI, BB’s solid cleanser ingredient list is as follows: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Glycerin, Coconut Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Palmitic Acid, Lavender Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidoronate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder.

The Boots soap bars’ ingredients can be seen in this image:

boots gentle soap bars review affordable cheap clean beauty blender makeup sponges brushes (3)

I’m happy to report that these soap bars from Boots clean my Beauty Blenders and makeup brushes incredibly – just as well as the solid cleanser from BB. And you can buy four bars for £1! That’s a massive saving compared to the £15 Beauty Blender’s solid cleanser costs. Sure, the ingredients list is not identical and BB’s soap contains some nice sounding things, but the effect you get is the same.

These soap bars do have a strong scent to them compared to BB’s solid cleanser, however, I don’t dislike it; it’s quite a traditional soap smell and is clean and fresh. It doesn’t linger on sponges or makeup brushes once they’ve been rinsed so it’s not really an issue even if you hate it.

I am able to clean my sponges so quickly with these bars. About 3-4 lathers and rinses does a great job and I am able to have a sponge where I can actually see the colour it was when it was brand new. It is also fantastic at cleaning brushes too.

I am so happy I’ve found this money-saving, but effective, alternative so I didn’t have to fork out £15 for the official Beauty Blender bar of soap.

Love Nicole xxxx

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

This is a clay based mask which costs £5.99 for a 100ml tube. It used to be available from Boots but it doesn’t appear to be listed on their website anymore, although it is possible it could still be in stock in some stores. I liked the ‘Good Things’ range so I hope it’s just a case of repackaging or something like that, rather than it being discontinued. Otherwise, I’m writing this review for a product that no one can buy anymore… But I’ve taken the photo for this post so I’m writing this regardless ha!

good things manuka honey radiance clay face mask review

This tube provides excellent value as you can get so many uses out of it. For £5.99 I’ve gotten at least 10 uses, maybe more. As a clay mask it, of course, tightens as it dries but it doesn’t completely freeze your face or feel uncomfortable. The type of clay it contains is kaolin which is proven to draw out impurities, absorb excess oil and be gentle on skin.

After removal, I found the mask left my skin feeling very soft. It didn’t feel dried out or irritated at all. Visibly, I can’t really tell a difference, however I do think the condition of my skin improves when I regularly use face masks.

This mask also contains honey and beeswax which was partly what sold it to me, however, from looking at the ingredients list I think there is only a very small amount of these ingredients. I know how brilliant manuka honey is for its antibacterial properties but this does not contain enough of it to reap any of those particularly benefits. The presence of honey and beeswax is pretty unnoticeable in my opinion! If you would like to try a very good manuka honey mask I recommend the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask.

For a basic, good value clay mask this is a worthy choice! Used regularly, you could experience the benefits of the clay absorbing excess oil and drawing out any dirt or spots. Plus, the pampering and self-love that comes with taking the time to use a face mask is a benefit within itself.

Love Nicole xxxx




Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume

I wanted to try out some perfume from this brand as I was searching for cruelty free fragrances. Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty free brand that in the UK you can buy via websites such as Feel Unique and Naturisimo. This fragrance is called Island Vanilla and a 28ml bottle is priced at £20.

pacifica island vanilla perfume review cruelty free

The bottle itself is pretty basic but it’s cute and the box it came inside was beautifully patterned. For an affordable perfume I wasn’t expecting a super luxurious bottle.

I took a risk ordering this as I hadn’t smelt it beforehand. I generally seem to quite like vanilla-y scents so I thought I might like this one. The smell of this, to me, is very strong, very sweet and very heavy. It is definitely a strong vanilla scent but it smells very synthetic too and is rather one dimensional. I’ve read that there is a honey scent to it too and I can pick up on that.

Unfortunately, I don’t like it. I’d prefer it if it had some lighter, fresher notes to it so it wasn’t so heavy. If I was into layering fragrances maybe it could make a nice base fragrance…but I’m yet to get into that.

I haven’t found it to be a long lasting scent, however, for the first couple of hours of wear it is very strong and noticeable by others around you. After this, it dissipates completely.

I would not buy this again as I really don’t like it, however, I would still be interested in trying other fragrances from Pacifica. Maybe next time I’ll buy a body lotion or candle of a fragrance first just to see if I like it!

If you have an cruelty free perfume recommendations, please leave me a comment with them below! I’d love to know.

Love Nicole xxxx

No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

This mascara from No7 is available at Boots for £13.50. The packaging is so pretty with the glitter effect and it definitely enticed me to try it out.

no7 midnight lash mascara boots review (2)no7 midnight lash mascara boots review

On first use, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as I struggled to get the level of volume I like for my lashes; I like as much volume as possible! It also left me wanting in terms of length. However, I wasn’t going to just write it off as I know I usually come to like mascaras more once they’ve dried out a bit.

Once it had dried out and thickened up I found it much better. I was able to achieve a good level of volume that I was very happy with. I found it gave a fluttery effect to my lashes that was super pretty! It still didn’t give much extra in terms of length but luckily for me my lashes are a reasonable length anyway so it did have something to work with naturally. This is a mascara you can choose to build up, like I do, to be bordering on clumpy or you can be quite light handed and just achieve some separation and colour. The colour of this is very black.

It lasts all day and I didn’t have any problems with smudging or running. It also didn’t feel heavy or too crispy on my lashes. The brush is quite unusual and took some getting used to with the narrower tip, however, I found this feature quite useful when working to build up my outer lashes.

This mascara turned out to be pretty good thankfully, however, I’m not sure I would buy it again. It’s fairly expensive at £13.50 and I’m very fickle with mascaras, usually opting to try a different one each time as I love trying out new products, and there was nothing I absolutely loved about this mascara that would make me rush to repurchase it. It was nice though and the packaging is gorgeous.

Love Nicole xxxx